Engagement Champions

engagement champions can help boost your engagement effortsUnless your organization is small, you cannot build a culture of engagement on your own, even with the support of senior leaders. Employee engagement champions allow your organization to:

  • Expand the engagement message reach.
  • Educate colleagues on what workplace engagement is, why it is important, and how to influence it.
  • Help leaders interpret, communicate, and act on survey findings.
  • Support managers as they tackle engagement with their teams.
  • Help in gathering insights and feedback from the front lines.


We have such a diverse workforce and variety of positions. To build commitment and create a common language of engagement throughout the medical center, we needed to ensure the engagement ambassadors represented key employee segments. They know the issues. They speak the language and have the trust of their peers.”
— Pam Brier, President & CEO of 7,000-strong Maimonides Medical Center, Brooklyn NY.

As part of a comprehensive engagement strategy, BlessingWhite has developed employee engagement resources to help you identify, recruit and develop champions that will take your initiative and amplify it into every corner of the organization.

Workplace Engagement Resources include:

  • Communication guides
  • Development programs
  • Online resources
  • Networking & community support