Development Solutions to Engage at Every Level

individuals, managers, executives and the organization each have a role to play in the engagement equation

iNDIVIDUALS: Ownership, clarity, and action.

mANAGERS: Coaching, relationships, and dialogue.

eXECUTIVES: Trust, communication, and culture.

oRGANIZATIONS: Ways of working, what gets recognized and rewarded.

While measuring engagement levels inside the enterprise may be an important step, we cannot expect the scores to improve without some deliberate focus on developing people.

BlessingWhite can help you chart employee development plans to deliberately equip your workforce to deliver on their pieces of the engagement equation. These organizational development solutions are designed from the employee engagement surveys‘ key findings, your strategic objectives, and any organizational constraints.

But rather than start from scratch, BlessingWhite can offer an effective suite of career development solutions based on tried & tested organizational development activities appropriate for each organizational level, including:

Executives:  Executive Coaching | Leading Out Loud | Senior Team Coaching & Consulting | Why Should Anyone Be Led By You?

Managers:  The Engagement Equation for Managers (which can be conducted at any time, not only as part of a survey initiative) | Career Coaching | Helping Others Succeed | Leading Technical People+

Individuals: Taking Control of Your Engagement | It’s Your Career | Managing Professional Growth

HR Leaders: The Engagement Model (X) License | It’s Your Career Online Portal | Engagement Champion Certification | Consulting Services



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