Creating a Culture of Engagement

For engagement to take root in your organization, it cannot be a measurement activity or something that happens as and when the workload permits. Building employee engagement has to become a way of getting the work done. Working with BlessingWhite, you will learn how to build employee engagement and you will have access to the multiple tools and approaches that are required to create a culture of employee engagement.


Creating a Culture of Employee Engagement

Many companies don’t know how to create employee engagement strategies. BlessingWhite can also help you start developing an employee engagement strategy plan to equip key members of your workforce to effectively own their pieces of the engagement equation. The plan is based on the surveys key findings, your strategic priorities, your other talent management initiatives, and any organizational constraints. It also pulls from proven BlessingWhite organizational culture and employee engagement content and processes.

While not necessarily sequential, there is a logical order for the activities that make up a comprehensive engagement approach when building an employee engagement plan:


Plan the initiative Assemble a core team, ensure executive buy in and commitment, charter the team.Plan the cascade and organizational reporting ahead of time.


Survey Design and deploy an action-oriented survey.
Analyze Plan ahead to ensure you don’t fall into analysis paralysis! Have a tight schedule for reviewing, discussing and synthesizing the results.
Organizational Action Planning Based on the outcomes of the survey and the strategic objectives of the enterprise, map out next steps: a survey with no further dialogue and action is counterproductive.
Report by Workgroup Ensure each manager gets their own report. Provide the right context to translate insights into action. Conduct workgroup action planning.
Communicate Every employee was invited to take the survey, so every employee has expectations about the outcomes. Don’t delay in sharing the results, but ensure each person is clear on his or her accountabilities.

Move the needle

Equip People Without the proper context, expectations and training, why would things improve? Using BlessingWhite’s suite of tried-and-tested development resources, together we can tailor initiatives that will deliver the highest return.
Develop Engagement Champions As part of a comprehensive engagement strategy, BlessingWhite has developed resources to help you identify, recruit and develop champions that will take your initiative and amplify it into every corner of the organization. Read more about Engagement Champions.
Align Practices Despite best intentions, engagement initiatives can fall foul of existing practices, policies or procedures that are currently in place. Together we can examine and align these practices to support rather than hinder your engagement efforts.
Gather Strategic Performance metrics It is a management truism that you can’t control what you can’t measure. But measurement can also be a big demand on your time and your resources. We will help you tailor an approach to metrics which helps you gain buy-in and commitment without dragging down your effort.
Track Progress to a culture of Engagement Through a deliberate focus on multiple levers of engagement, you can chart the course for a successful implementation and build, over time, a culture that sustains engagement at every level.

For details on our development suite, please see the section Equip Every Level >>