Connect First, Coach Second

By Kristen Bakalar, Senior Leadership Consultant

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9 Responses

  1. Denise A says:

    Great article and very true. Connecting helps to build trust. The human aspect is what makes a great manager. Get to know the person. It makes all the difference on building trust

  2. Ellen Schumacher says:

    Enjoyed the article and really gives a important aspect of being a good manager. Trust between you and your direct reports is the basis of forming a solid relationship.

  3. camilla sieverts says:

    I use laughter..often on my own cost (of course never on others). It works and creates energy on top of trust.

  4. augusta Conway says:

    really good article – really how we connect with people in all aspects of line

  5. ibrahim Abdullah says:

    Great tips , it really reflects that all time connecting with the employees help to build trust .Moreover and specifically to our culture getting know each other motivate people to feel more accountable and eager to meet their commitments

  6. Indira Hector says:

    It is important that humility is highlighted as a good component of connecting. The story in this example is important because it is a simple, non-work related way of showing humility.

  7. Florencia Davel says:

    I like the article, it´s important as a leader to be more people oriented, and understand that the emotional aspect is key in a successful and sincere relationship, opening doors for trust and confidence.

  8. Teresita Valcarcel says:

    Great article. A laugh can be a medicine to liberate stress an connect with others.

  9. Orlando Caceres says:

    Good Article!

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