Misunderstood Millennial Behaviors (And What They Mean for Your Organization!)

By Jovana Husic, BlessingWhite Consultant

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2 Responses

  1. Aubrey Daniels says:

    What you call behaviors are not behaviors and some of what you say about “GenZ” is inaccurate. Gen Zs are people and respond to their environment like everyone, old or young. There is nothing about them that causes them to job hop or need feedback anymore than anyone else. We all want it. Any time you generalize about people, you treat them as a category and not as individuals, a common problem i management.

  2. Singh Prabhunath says:

    Agree with Daniels , one needs to understand the bonding effect of “Gen ” whatever it might be “X”, “Y”, “Z” which tends industry to run with fastest growth.

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