An Hourglass Approach to Innovative Thinking

By Christin Rice, Leadership Development Consultant

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2 Responses

  1. Graham Williams says:

    Thanks for the article, it’s an interesting read. Can you provide a list of the 36 Stratagems you are referring to?

  2. Hello Graham, thank you so much for your kind comment! You can find the full list of 36 Stratagems in Kaihan Krippendorff’s book Outthink the Competition. Here’s a sample of a few of my favorites: Partner with someone unexpected. Coordinate the uncoordinated. Beat the grass to startle the snake (which is to say, launch a small-scale approach to understand what a real advance would trigger), and Be good. More info about the program can be found here: and more info about the book can be found here: Happy innovating!

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