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Airbnb Chief Human Resource Officer Becomes Chief Employee Experience Officer

By Jeanne Meister - Founding Partner, Future Workplace

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  1. Prakash Almeida says:

    I entirely agree with this article. When we recruit people as our employees we recruit our own fellow beings who have heir own emotions, fears and fancies, instincts and needs which go far beyond monetary needs. They too in search of the meaning in their life and their workplace is an integral part of it. If they do not find meaning in their work they will not be absorbed in their work with excellence. They need to be connected and need to see the larger picture. I have a small and humble suggestion. Declare to your employees that this this week’s work is dedicated to people suffering in this this part of the world and that they will be contributing to their well being. I firmly believe that the goodness in people always find yearnings to express itself. They immediately respond when they are connected to larger things. They work better as it gives them the ‘higher experience’. I train CEOs with my unique self-study distance education program ‘The Therapist CEO.’ and give them tools and resources to work as a real therapist. We have people who work with us for decades and naturally the bind developed demands that we go beyond the routine work-related things and respond to our basic human relationships. Long time workers will be happy if the CEO listens to their life issues and offer some help – even kind words heal. All workers in the world need healing this way. A CEO can inquire about the education of an employee’s son and it touches him. The CEO needs to have a larger heart with warmth. This is based on genuine relationships. If a person’s personal life is stormy then he/she cannot give best to his work. A considerate, understanding CEO is a competitive advantage for the organisation. Tagore, the poet-sage of India and a Nobel Laureate rightly said, “We are human beings and we have to respond to the higher faculties of our nature.” An employee can be motivated to give his best if we are considerate to respond to the higher faculties of our nature. such as compassion. A CEO from India who headed one of the largest corporate house in India had a warm heart to keep an eye on his people – who is to get married, who is going for delivery… and would go and meet them and inquire after them and offer help whatever necessary. This was building lasting relations and not mere contacts (as we do on the Facebook.) What matters in the end is genuine, authentic relationship and not contacts. A young man married and went for honeymoon and tragically the couple was robbed of everything and had no money even to return home, they did not know a soul in the city. And luckily he found that his VP was in the same city. He made up his mind and contacted him and told the whole story. The VP rushed to take them and provided everything for their nice honeymoon. The person’s wife who was shocked to have lost all gold, etc. was happier and forgot all about the gold as she was happy and proud that ‘her man is someone – such that his so big boss rushed to help.’ This may be seen as a far-fetched but the point is to have the goodness to touch the hearts of the employees. Mere creating enjoyable work environment may not always help. People give their best when they work for a cause larger than their immediate life. That ability to connect with people for a selfless cause creates better involvement. May be some orphans could be adopted by certain departments and the people would do better. – Prakash Almeida, India almeida.prakash@gmail.com

  1. July 4, 2016

    […] Airbnb, a key player in the new sharing economy, has recently established the role of Chief Employee Experience Officer who oversees the company’s “workplace as an experience™”—and they’ve even trademarked it—who carefully orchestrates the physical, emotional, intellectual, virtual, and aspirational elements of the work experience to inspire employees. It’s been a big hit with employees, 90% of whom recommend Airbnb as a great place to work, according to an article in Forbes. […]

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