Employee Expectations Examples for Careers in 2015

The gap is widening

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  1. Sudipta Shaikh says:

    The US is recovering. what about economie like India that have been strong all along?

    • Sanjay Mandal says:

      The Indian economy has sound fundamentals and has done well averaging high growth rates. Unfortunately, this growth has come at the back of inflation. Due to quality supply constraints the economy has slowed down. Coupled with corruption and governance this has created a disabling environment. So the slowdown that should have happened along the time with some other economies like the US didn’t happen simultaneously but got ‘postponed’. Economic indicators point out that this slow down is currently in transition. With the right change in government attitude towards being an enabler and focus on governance hopefully the economy will move in the right direction of ‘qualitative growth’ that would not create further inflationary pressures.

      As economists have always said, ” other things remaining the same…”, we could look for better times ahead. With focus now shifting on “other things…” that are probably the root causes we should see visible improvements ‎over several quarters. The speed of change though needs to be seen that will be crucial.


    For retaining an employee organisation must evaluate their performance and after evaluation discuss with them and explain them their positive and negative factors noted during specific period of their performance. Incentives for Positive performance and Warning for their Negative performances should be given.

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