The ROI of Executive Coaching

How investing in one individual can transform an organization

By Margaret Gomez, BlessingWhite Executive Coach and Strategist, and David Hagerty, BlessingWhite Regional Vice President and Executive Coaching Practice Leader

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  1. Ashley Turns says:

    I like how you mention that Noreen was able to learn that because she has strong leadership, she is now able to influence those around her on a higher level than before. My boss has been considering going through executive training in order to help the company. I’ll have to tell her that if she does, she can also help all of her employees in a new way.

  2. Ridley Fitzgerald says:

    Executive coaching sounds great. I like the section that talked about impacting others, and how coaching can boost people’s confidence. I’ll have to suggest this to my boss, and see if the office I work at will consider this.

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