Our Mission & Point of View

Our Mission

We aren’t consulting and training generalists. All that we offer supports our leadership development goals and mission:

To help our clients execute on business strategies by engaging each and every employee in the enterprise.

You cannot successfully execute business strategies year after year without the commitment of your workforce and a strong leadership point of view. This is achieved through employee engagement and inspirational leadership.

People and business are inseparable. There are no bottom-line results without individual achievement.


The individual and collective credibility, decisions, communications and behaviors of your leaders affect whether your employees give — and keep giving — “110 percent,” whether risk-taking and innovation flourish and whether customers and other stakeholders put their faith in your organization.

Without strong leaders at all levels to translate your strategies, walk your organization’s talk, create a climate that breeds high performance and inspire the long-term commitment of your workforce you might as well give up your leadership development goals, close your doors, and turn off the lights.

The Meaning of Work

Your organization is not a mere mix of buildings, products, market strategies and org charts. There is no business without individuals. And it’s about more than your bottom line. That’s where the meaning of work comes into play.

Without employees who connect emotionally and intellectually to what they do each day, you might as well abandon your measurement and rewards systems. They’re not enough. You can’t force, beg or buy the type of performance you need today. Individuals need to satisfy their own leadership point of view and fulfill their own definitions of interesting, challenging and meaningful work.

Without employees who feel a part of your leadership development goals, you can forget about retention. Chances are your employees have already “checked out.”

Our leadership point of view, practices, processes and tools also reflect our passion, our research and more than 30 years of expertise. Check out our core leadership values