What Makes Us Different

Thought Leadership

As a leadership development company, our consulting practice leaders pave the way that others try to follow. Our regular workplace studies build on the ground-breaking work of our founders, Buck Blessing and Tod White. Our partners from the London Business School (Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones), the Haas Graduate School of Business (Terry Pearce), former McKinsey consultant Kaihan Krippendorff, Abu Dhabi University Knowledge Group (ADUKG), or Future Workplace LLC founding partner Jeanne Meister to provide the latest academic insights. We are committed to sharing our insights with the business community and we weave our research findings into all that we do.


We’re small enough for personal attention, yet large enough with the backing of our parent company GP Strategies to support global organization-wide implementations. Our worldwide network of professionals delivers across the street and across continents.

Proven Expertise

Our consultants are experienced in shaping and implementing effective employee development solutions to address the most daunting business challenges and reach peak business performance. With a broad network of sister companies within GP Strategies, we can support all aspects of your training and development efforts including consulting, multi-modality design, training administration and outsourcing, documentation development, or LMS hosting.


We have more than 40 years of experience as a leadership development company working with clients to provide unique solutions that drive your business and complement existing initiatives. We will meet your needs for quality, budget and timing.


We don’t sell and walk away. BlessingWhite’s legacy of service excellence and workforce of tenured employees mean unparalleled commitment to your success.