Leadership Team

Scott Mason Vice President GP Strategies

Scott Mason

Vice President, GP Strategies Corporation

Scott joined BlessingWhite’s leadership development team in 1999 to lead client solutions and relationships in the New Jersey and Philadelphia area.

He has over twenty years of experience in the field of leadership development, talent development, and corporate consulting. Scott works on our leadership team with senior level clients as an executive coach and consultant to help drive effective and successful business strategies. He is also a thought leader in personal and professional development, employee engagement, and talent management.

Prior to joining BlessingWhite’s leadership development team, Scott held various roles in the learning and development functions at the Prudential Insurance Company, and Atlantic Mutual Companies. He has a Master’s of Art’s degree in adult education and training from Montclair State University. Scott also holds Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Rutgers University.

Scott has been a featured speaker on leadership development and coaching at the Chief Learning Officers Forum, ATD, NJ Organizational Development (NJOD), SHRM, Life Sciences Trainers & Educators Network, and others.

Matt Varava, Director, Employee Engagement Practice

Matt Varava

Vice President, GP Strategies Corporation

Matt Varava is the employee engagement practice leader on our employee engagement team at BlessingWhite. He has over 26 years of combined CFO, Enterprise Performance Management and global management consulting experience. Matt and his leadership development team work with senior leadership teams to develop, implement and sustain employee engagement strategies to drive financial performance. The senior leadership team consults on the deployment and effectiveness of engagement surveys as part of an integrated approach to building a culture of engagement. Matt is actively involved in the analysis and presentation of client engagement results while overseeing the strategic direction of the practice.

Under his leadership, the employee engagement team has evolved into a full service provider of engagement services including survey deployment, communications, analytics and “moving the needle” strategies utilizing BlessingWhite’s world class content and consulting capabilities.

His passion for employee engagement goes back over 20 years ago while consulting at PricewaterhouseCoopers. As a senior consultant, Matt led Enterprise Performance Management initiatives at Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Harris Communications, Air Products, HJ Heinz and Ethyl Corporation.

He holds undergraduate degrees in Economics and Accounting from the University of Pennsylvania and Rowan University and received his MBA in Finance from Philadelphia University.

From 1999 through 2012, Matt was responsible for the firms Accounting, Finance, Human Resource and IT functions. In 2001, Matt led the employee buyout of BlessingWhite from Wolters Kluwer N.V and has served on the Board of Directors through Sept 2012 when the firm was acquired by GP Strategies.

Joan Dasher

Managing Director, East and Midwest

Joan oversees the East and Midwestern US operations for our leadership development teams. She works with clients of all sizes to develop values-driven corporate cultures, inspiring leaders, and employees who are dedicated to not only their career growth but also to the success of their employer.

Her experience includes working with senior leadership development teams and wider employee populations to implement and sustain high performance cultures via organizational values, leadership, and employee engagement/development initiatives.

Before joining BlessingWhite’s leadership development and employee engagement team, Joan built a successful career in working with hundreds of organizations across the country. Currently, Joan serves on the boards of three non-profit organizations dedicated to education and development.


Jennifer Hartless

Project Manager

Jennifer manages the Implementation Services leadership development team, made up of client services managers and project managers.

With over 23 years’ experience in instructional design, client services, project management, development of custom learning solutions, as well as strategic performance solution implementations, Jennifer brings a lot of experience to our leadership development team.

Jennifer’s focus is on leading carefully planned and flawlessly implemented solutions for clients. Her responsibilities on the leadership development and employee engagement team include contract oversight, development and execution, as well as project assignment, implementation, forecasting, and risk management.

Prior to joining BlessingWhite, Jen worked in several project management positions in the training and leadership consulting industry.  Jen has a Master of Science in Applied Behavioral Science and Human Resource Development from The Johns Hopkins University and a Master’s Certificate in Project Management from the Project Management Institute and George Washington University.

kate jennings, Business Development Director, BlessingWhite Europe

Kate Jennings

Managing Director, BlessingWhite Europe

Kate is the European Managing Director and Business Development Director for our leadership development team working with clients across Europe.

Kate’s leadership development and employee engagement team responsibilities are centered on developing client relationships, working with senior leadership development teams and the wider employee populations to implement and sustain high performance organisations and cultures. This includes organisational values, leadership, team development and employee engagement initiatives.

Prior to joining BlessingWhite Kate built a successful career in Management Consultancy, specialising in the Private Equity, Chemical, Oil and Gas industry, her clients included BP, ConocoPhillips, Shell, Carlyle Group and TPG. Before this Kate worked for The HR Forum at Richmond Events in a sales and client relationship role. In her spare time Kate enjoys competing in equestrian show jumping and 3-day eventing, squash, running and walking..

Cate Jones, Managing Director, Consulting Services

Cate Jones

Managing Director, Consulting Services

Cate manages the consulting group and oversees product development for BlessingWhite’s leadership and employee engagement team. She is passionate about partnering with organizations to reinvent leadership and the meaning of work, and does so through consulting and original design. She is a co-designer/developer of core BlessingWhite solutions such as Why Should Anyone Be Led by You? , Helping Others Succeed and Influencing Across the Matrix.
Cate has developed and implemented highly customized solutions and wide-scale initiatives for clients in a variety of industries. She also evaluates organizational cultures through qualitative (focus groups, interviews) and quantitative (surveys) assessment, analyzing data, and preparing and presenting recommendations to senior leaders. Her passion is helping companies create environments for people to do their best work every day.

Prior to joining BlessingWhite’s leadership development team, Cate started-up and ran a company which provided professional editorial and marketing communications services. Cate began her career as an environmental engineer and has held leadership positions at Johnson Matthey and Groundwater Technology (a division of Fluor Daniel).

Cate earned a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Columbia University.

Leah Clark v4

Leah Clark

Director, Strategy and Planning

Leah leads Strategy and Planning for BlessingWhite focusing on bringing new products to market and enhancing the participant experience.  She works with clients to understand their leadership and engagement challenges and consults with them on the creative solutions.

Prior to joining BlessingWhite, Leah had her own practice in executive coaching and consulting.  She is a certified professional coach through an ICF accredited organization and is Myers-Brigg practitioner.  Leah’s focus as a coach is on helping individuals get unstuck from negative beliefs and see the possibilities that exist for personal growth.

Leah has over seventeen years of experience in marketing, strategy, and product development in a corporate environment.  She has also served as an adjunct faculty member in the fields of psychology and organizational psychology.

She has a Master’s of Arts degree in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University and a Bachelor or Arts in English and Sociology from Boston College where she graduated summa cum laude.

MikeShoenfelt_V5Mike Shoenfelt

Director of Technology

Mike Shoenfelt is the Director of Technology for BlessingWhite. He leads a team of skilled technical professionals and is responsible for developing creative, effective technology solutions for the online components of BlessingWhite’s blended learning programs. Mike and his technology development team have developed online content and applications for leading technology, food & beverages, and government organizations. Mike designed and led the development of a generic survey creator which hosts BlessingWhite’s research and custom surveys. To date the system has run over hundreds of surveys with over one million respondents.

Prior to joining BlessingWhite, Mike was a Senior Consultant leading, designing and developing web-based systems. Mike has an extensive background developing multi-tiered web, mobile and windows based applications, in a wide array of industries.

Mike is a graduate of Stockton University with a degree in Information Systems and Computer Sciences.  With the ever-growing role technology plays in our business, Mike’s 20+ years of information technology experience significantly contributes to BlessingWhite’s success.