About Us

Our unique position as the independent division of a world-class training enterprise allow us to deliver objective, cutting-edge solutions.
BlessingWhite: employee engagement & leadership development delivered through consulting and content, informed by ongoing research.

We are a global consulting firm dedicated to creating sustainable high-performance organizations. We provide consulting, processes, tools and training to:

  • Create high-performance cultures that drive bottom-line results and reinforce your organization’s mission and values.
  • Develop leaders at all levels who can manage the business and inspire your employees to meet business and leadership development goals.
  • Align employee self-interest, energy and talents with your organization’s strategy.

As organizations seek to maximize the productivity and efficiency of their employees in a competitive talent market, they need to carefully manage all aspects of the employee life cycle: from hiring through onboarding, to career development, engagement, performance management through to retirement, outplacement and departures. The economics of poor hiring and employee turnover are well known.

The impact of discretionary effort – the difference that engaged employees provide – is equally dramatic.

Organizations worldwide engage BlessingWhite to design and implement employee engagement and leadership development initiatives. They do so because BlessingWhite has a proven track record of successfully combining tried-and-tested content with customized curriculum design. Our expert leadership development team and broad network of certified facilitators allows us to provide both the expertise and geographic reach that our customers require. A recognized thought leader in organizational culture, employee engagement and leadership development, BlessingWhite’s leadership training and development programs and content are informed by ongoing workplace research.

BlessingWhite’s strength lies in the combined areas of content, consulting and employee engagement research. This allows us to quickly deploy standard programs, customized solutions and/or consulting services to meet our client’s needs.

Since our start in 1973 we have delivered business results for thousands of clients and inspired remarkable accomplishments in more than 3 million individuals.

BlessingWhite Background

BlessingWhite is a global consulting firm providing consulting, processes, tools and development programs which:

  • Create high-performance cultures that drive bottom-line results and reinforce the organizations strategy, mission and values.
  • Develop leaders at all levels as well as technical and professional staff, who can manage the business, inspire employees and accept accountability for taking action on their own job satisfaction and performance contribution.
  • Align employee self-interest, energy and talents with business strategies.
  • Support the retention and engagement of talented people by making your organization an ‘employer of choice’.

BlessingWhite — founded in 1973 — has delivered business results for thousands of client organizations and inspired remarkable accomplishments in more than 3 million individuals. In October 2012 BlessingWhite became part of GP Strategies.

BlessingWhite Associates are located in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, New Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Brisbane and Sydney. Other major regional locations include offices in Hamilton, NJ, San Francisco, CA and London, GB.

The BlessingWhite Story

Buck Blessing and Tod White met in the 1960s. Buck was a union negotiator and industrial engineer with GM by profession and Tod was Ph.D industrial psychologist. Buck felt that unions were short-sighted, only pushing for what they wanted. He had also experienced a ‘Career Development Program’ that he found to be ‘lacking in structure and effective process.’ Buck’s comment: “All it did was make me want my boss’s job!” He saw an opportunity for both employers and unions to gain through better communication, cooperation and collaboration. Buck also pointed out that managers and supervisors are the essential connection between the organization and individual employees.

Tod, who was working for a leading American consulting firm that specialized in problem-solving and decision-making methodology, also saw that organizations were missing the mark with training. What was in vogue back then, and we may argue that this still applies to many organizations today, was to send managers simply to gain skills to manage and motivate performance of their employees. Tod’s research indicated that it wasn’t just about skills. In fact it was more about ‘the will’ than ‘skill’! In addition all of the training was directed at managers being more effective downward. This meant that the performance and motivation monkey was planted on the manager’s back! Tod saw that the essential ingredients to high performance and job satisfaction included: clarity; communication (two-way); accountability; ‘right’ attitude; intrinsic motivators; assessment and feedback.

While other consulting firms and program designers were looking at the latest in management trends, Buck and Tod believed individuals didn’t want to be “managed more” – in any style – and there was an opportunity for all employees to take responsibility for their own motivation, job satisfaction, performance, development and careers.

BlessingWhite’s work is based on the following basic beliefs of its founders:

  • You have primary responsibility for your job satisfaction and success.
  • Your current position offers the best, most immediate opportunities for personal growth, achievement, and satisfaction.
  • Your personal values are the fuel for your personal growth and leadership.
  • Building on strengths is the fastest route to success.
  • You can’t do it alone. Constructive, continuous dialogue with your manager makes the difference.
  • Feedback is an essential ingredient of remarkable accomplishments.
  • Nothing happens unless you take action. Action demands a plan and the courage to carry it out.
  • Your organization’s success depends on the efforts of aligned, engaged individuals like you.

Current Thought Leadership

All of BlessingWhite’s processes and tools are backed by ongoing research into core HR issues. The firm regularly publishes reports highlighting their workplace studies on employee engagement, high-performance coaching, the challenges of leading a technical workforce and trends in career management.

Leading Edge Web-based Databases and Online Tools

BlessingWhite programs take advantage of online process to complete assessments and provide feedback; provide application tools, training and coaching on processes that participants can complete self-paced at their convenience.

Signature programs include:

MPG®: Managing Professional Growth – an employee-driven process of feedback, analysis, planning and dialogue to help individuals to ‘manage upwards’ to increase their job satisfaction and align their performance with their organization’s business strategies (formerly known as Managing Personal Growth).

Helping Others Succeed® – the program name defines the role of a manager as a coach of team members with a unique online feedback process to prepare a Coaching Profile for each employee to be coached, a workshop that helps managers build more effective and efficient coaching partnerships with employees and ongoing access to online coaching tools and essentials.

Leading Technical People+ – a process that involves assessment and feedback followed by a workshop that builds the skills of managers/supervisors and team leaders. It is based on two decades of research on what it takes to effectively lead highly skilled experts, technical and professional staff (engineers, IT professionals, scientists, lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, medical staff, etc.).

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